Our Story

Exceptional craftmanship, advanced technology and innovative sleek design.

EuroCave, Open the Doors to French Excellence

In 1976, in the little town of Fourmies in Northern France, the first ever air-conditioned cabinet for storing wine was built. That was the first EuroCave cabinet. Since then, we have continued to honor the rich vinous heritage of France with the latest HVAC technology.

Precise Temperature Control

Allowing users to set and maintain the ideal storage temperature for their
wines. This is crucial for preserving the flavour, aroma, and overall maturation
of the wine.

 Low Vibration

EuroCave chillers are engineered to minimize vibration,
which helps to prevent disturbance to the sediment in aged wines. This ensures
that wines age gracefully and maintain their quality over time.

Humidity Management

Some models are equipped with humidity management
systems, which help to maintain optimal humidity levels for wine storage. This
prevents corks from drying out and protects against oxidation.

 UV Protection

Our chillers feature UV-resistant glass doors or solid
doors to protect wine from harmful light exposure. This helps to preserve the
wine's color, flavour, and overall quality.

 Sleek Design

Known for elegant and sleek
design, making EuroCave a stylish addition to any home or wine cellar. Chillers are
available in various sizes and configurations to suit different storage needs
and preferences.

 Reliability and Durability

EuroCave has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality
products that are built to last. The chillers are constructed using durable
materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure long-term reliability and
performance, most of models are covered with 5 years to 10 years manufacturing


EuroCave creator of the wine cabinet. A handful of men created the first wine cabinet for storing wine, a completely innovative concept. French manufacture in Fourmies in Northern France.


Just like storing wine, to appreciate a cigar, it must be stored in ideal conditions…That’s why EuroCave launched a cigar humidor.


EuroCave opened its first EuroCave showroom in Paris, France.


Creation of a special limited edition, the Millennium cabinet.


Invention of “Main du Sommelier”, a support developed by EuroCave to provide unique and flexible support for all bottle shapes and sizes.


Introduction of a new wine storage system which can be customized in several ways, Modulosteel.


Launch of Pure collection, specially designed to be a multi-purpose wine cabinet.The "Origine France Garantie" label independently certifies the industrial commitment of EuroCave and the French origin of our production.


Launch of Revelation collection, a wine cabinet with a premium interior layout.


EuroCave has established partnerships with independent laboratories to validate technical data on wine preservation. This commitment allows the brand to affirm its position as an expert to consumers.


Launch of an entry level a wine cabinet Première collection.


Launch of a small wine by the glass solution, Wine Bar 2.0


Launch of Inspiration collection, a full built-in wine cabinet


Launch of an exceptional wine cabinet Royale, the best in terms of designs and performance, the Holy Grail for wine lovers. Warranty of 10 years.


EuroCave reinforced its cellar layout line and demonstrates its unique expertise to create custom wine cellar design with Modulo-X collection.

EuroCave got the Living Heritage Company label (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant). A strong recognition which underlines the brand’s expertise and the brand’s commitment to sustaining skilled and manual trades.


Launch of the first champagne cabinet dedicated to displaying and serving fine bubbles.


Launch of a Tahoma, a small air conditioner to create beautiful small wine room under stairs or in the living room. EuroCave partner of ASI Best sommelier of the World

Origine France Garantie Label

Origine France Garantie is a quality label that identifies authentic French products. It certifies that a product meets strict criteria to ensure it is truly made in France - from design and production to raw materials and final assembly.

In 2012, we obtained this label as a stamp that guarantees the retention of local employment and observance of environmental and social standards. Our products are still assembled by hand in Fourmies, France.