Cigar Humidor

Just like drinking a good wine, smoking a cigar is a special moment.

Cigar Humidor

Designed for connoisseurs, our cigar humidor seamlessly blends sophistication and functionality, ensuring your prized cigars age to perfection. Let the flavours develop over time for a richer, more nuanced draw as you put your collection on display.

Digital Display

Keep track of humidity and temperature readings.

5 Fault Alarms

Rest assured that the alarms will warn you if your humidor needs attention.

UV-Screened Door

Get full visibility of your cigar collection in amber light while protecting it from potential UV damage.


Cigar Capacity

With options for a storage drawer and trays, enjoy a capacity of 700 – 1000 cigars depending on your layout.


Noise Emission

Enjoy the ultra-quiet system that makes it a perfect addition to your entertainment room.


Storage conditions.

Habanos and other cigars do not like variations of temperature and humidity. Certain rules must be observed:

- The degree of humidity must be between 65% - 72%,
- There must be a temperature of 18°C - 22°C / 64,4°F-71,6°F.

For the Cigar Connoisseur

Embrace the tradition, heritage, and camaraderie that cigars represent. Our humidors aren't mere storage solutions; they're a tribute to the slow and savoured moments that fine tobacco affords. Crafted with precision, they ensure that each cigar in your collection is preserved in perfect condition, allowing the complex flavours and aromas to mature gracefully.

A way of life.

Cigar lovers know that the container is as important as the content so that when they come to smoke the cigar, it is a moment of pure pleasure.


An object for connoisseurs.

Keep an eye on your cigars thanks to a glass door, without compromising on the preservation of your vitolas.

Make a statement with the amber light strip which runs all around your humidor elegantly displaying your cigars.

Doors: Full glass door, glass door with black frame


Presentation tray.

Enjoy handling your cigars thanks to the sliding display tray. You have the option of changing the size of each compartment in the tray according to your requirements and the size of your cigars.  The wooden tray can easily be removed from its sliding shelf to display your cigars outside the humidor.


Storage drawer.

Kept in their original boxes, your cigars are stored in a sliding storage drawer which suits all types and shapes of boxes. The drawer’s glass front allows you to easily see your collection.

Find the Answers to Your Burning Questions

Check out our FAQs to help you take care of your cigars. Our support team is happy to help with your queries.

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